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Oilfield Project Management Services


Technobeat is focused on Oilfield products and solutions that are needed for today’s Oil and Gas business. We review and understand your project requirements like equipment, machinery, resources and other engineering factors and will connect you to decision makers with our vast experience and network of our manufacturers / services providers.

Technobeat is having highly motivated skilled personnel, state of the art equipment and operational support. We create innovative solutions for ensuring minimized risks, cost-effective projects and consistent services. We are dedicated to the needs of our customers and strive to work with them in reaching new heights of quality, efficiency and productivity.

Technobeat’s expertise is with below product lines of Oilfield Industry;

Drilling & Workover Rigs:

Technobeat provides the most comprehensive range of the Drilling / Workover Rig manufacturers in USA, Canada, China, India and Middle East.

Considering the relevance of increasing oil and gas drilling operations, the role and relevance of drilling / workover rigs have expanded manifold. Accessing the natural resources is unimaginable without advanced drilling rigs, evolving with the passage of time. It is important to find drilling rig companies with an excellent track record for the successful execution of oil and gas projects

We supply different capacity, range and kind of rigs and equipment’s to cater customer’s customized requirement as below;

> 1000m-9000m skid-mounted workover / drilling rig,
> 1000m-4000m truck-mounted drilling rig,
> 1000m -4000m trailer-mounted drilling rig,
> Petroleum special vehicles,
> Top drive drilling equipment’s,
> Mud pumps, Hoisting and Rotary drilling equipment’s and related spare parts, etc.

Rig Equipment and Accessories

We are supplying rig equipment and related accessories, handling tools, workshop tools and Oilfield HSE items.

 >> Cavin’s Make handling tools
 >> NOV make handling tools
 >> BOP & Accumulator (3000PSI, 5000PSI &      10000PSI)
 >> API Monogrammed Choke Manifold and Gate      Valves (3000PSI & 5000PSI)
 >> Rig Electrical parts and spares
 >> Rig Instrumentation parts and spares
 >> Workshop equipment’s and tools.
 >> Gas Monitors and PPE Kits.
Wellhead and Christmas Tree

We are supplying different types of Wellhead and related installation and maintenance services in connection with our technical partner.

 >> Conventional Wellhead, 3000PSI, 5000PSI, 10000PSI
 >> Unihead Wellhead, 3000PSI, 5000PSI
 >> Geothermal & Steam Injection Wellhead, 3000PSI, 5000PSI


Completion Tools

We are supplying comprehensive range of highest quality downhole drilling and production Oil tools for the Oil & Gas industry comprising of below;

 >> Hydraulic Packer System
 >> Mechanical Packer System
 >> Seal Bore Packer System
 >> Casing Clean Up Tools
 >> Bridge Plug & Cement Retainers
 >> Flow Control equipment’s
Line Hanger Equipment & Services

Technobeat provides conventional and expandable liner hanger to cover all types of well environments from mature and unconventional asset shallow and ultra-deep water.

 >> Non rotating Hydraulic Liner Hanger System
 >> Covered Slip Hydraulic Liner Hanger
 >> Hydraulic Set Furl-Lock Liner Hanger
 >> Mechanical Liner Hanger
 >> Mechanical Furl-Lock Liner Hanger
 >> Swab Cup Packer
 >> Cementing Head
 >> Liner Hanger Running Tools
Cementing Accessories

Technobeat supplies the Cementing and Casing Accessories with our technical partner as below ranges;

Float Equipment’s: Plugs
 >> Cementing float collar & Shoe
 >> Cement down-jet swirl guide shoe
 >> Cement Guide shoe
 >> Cement float Collar with anti rotating Plug
 >> Stab-In float collar
 >> Cement Basket
 >> Stage cementing collar
 >> Anti-rotation top & bottom Plugs
 >> Standard top & bottom Plugs
 >> Latch down wiper plug & receiver plate
 >> Baffle collar and plate
Float Equipment’s: Plugs
 >> Hinged non-weld bow spring Centralizer
 >> Hinged welded semi rigid bow spring centralizer
 >> Slip on welded semi rigid bow spring centralizer
 >> Hinged non-weld positive bow centralizer
 >> Slip on welded positive bow centralizer
 >> Hinged bolted stop collar
 >> Hinged spiral nail stop collar
 >> Hinged stop collar with set screw
 >> Slip on stop collar with set screw
 >> Hinger / Slip on welded cement basket

Our experienced team have more than 20+ years of experience to serve the Oilfield Industry. With their knowledge and extensive experience both domestically, as well as internationally allows us to provide the best products and services in the industry backed by excellent support from our team.

“We continuously strive to improve our consultancy services to meet and exceed the needs of the industry”.